Current Draft List:

Plum House: American Wild Ale aged on locally sourced plums.

Goat’s Foot DIPA: Double IPA brewed with NY Pale malts and British malts. Double dry hopped.

Forever Ago: Porter

Bourbon Barrel Aged Forever Ago: (on nitro)

Hometown Pils

Lovelight: American Pale Ale

The Greater Fool: Double IPA brewed with mango and lactose, dry hopped with Citra.

We also offer Southern Tier Distilling company craft cocktails, Mac cider (from our friends at Elf’s, and a rotating assortment of local wines.






Beer Info:


The Fool/Foolish:  IPA 

The Fool is our flagship IPA as well as the inspiration for our logo.  Hopped with Citra, Columbus, Mosaic, and copious amounts of NY grown Cascade (from our friends at Coldspring Hops Farm.  This beer also features NY grown Vienna malt from New York Craft Malt in Batavia, NY.  This beer is delicate, balanced and easy drinking...enjoy! “Foolish” is “The Fool’s” fraternal twin. Same malt bill, slightly modified hop additions.


Forever Ago:  Porter 

Forever Ago is our robust porter.  Brewed with NY pale malt (along with a variety of American and European malts), this beer is dark and complex with notes of chocolate, caramel and coffee.  From time to time we take this beer and play with it...whether that means aging it in bourbon barrels or just adding coffee, raspberries, or whatever is fresh and delicious.  Forever Ago is especially suited to the colder months, but we like it so much that it is available for most of the year.

Recently:  Session Porter

Recently is chocolatey, smooth, light and delicious.  A wide range of malts add to the base of NY pale to make a truly sessionable porter.


Hometown Pils:  American Light Lager

Hometown Pils is an easy drinking American light Lager brewed with NY malt and lightly hopped with NY Newport & Cascade along with some Czech Saaz. Light, crisp and easy to drink!

"House" Sours:  

Our House & Tiny House:  Sour ale brewed with local hops and malts.  Fermented and aged in oak, these beers are brewed regularly, aged appropriately, and served when they are ready.  We also age small batches of these seasonally, on whatever fruits are locally available..