Ledge Hill Brewing Co. has become a whole-family endeavor that began as a playful conversation between Matthew and Emma two years ago- toying with the idea of a charting a new path, fostering a different passion, and coming home. As the idea  evolved our focus narrowed: to create a vibrant and inclusive community locale which serves fresh, small-batch and delicious beers.

This project could only happen for us in Westport.  As we explored the world (first separately and then together) over the last several years, Emma and Matthew benefitted from profound experiences that shaped our beliefs, attitudes and outlooks.  Thinking about moving back was equal parts excitement and fright.  As we reflected, discussed and ultimately decided on Westport (both for our family and our business), we realized that place matters.  Westport is home.  

We strive for our beer to be approachable, delicious and unpretentious.  Our recipes are deliberately simple, our processes are meticulous, and the result is an experience familiar yet completely new.     

It is our hope that people with an interest in sharing their talents or passions will reach out to us as we are looking for fun and fresh collaborations, from paint & sip to game night, open mic to karaoke, from yoga to belly dance. We look forward to discovering what will make our community come alive!